My Code of Ethics

  1. I will not use profanity unless quoting a novel
  2. I will strive to use my own opinion and thoughts on the books without judging based on author likeability
  3. I will keep the focus on romance novels; I will not veer off into talking about other media topics (TV, movies, music)
  4. I will make each post conversational while staying professional and accurate
  5. With permission and correct citation, I will use photos, gifs, and occasionally videos in posts to help support my opinion while keeping it entertaining
  6. I will make sure content is timely and constantly look for new conversations that could be had about romance books
  7. I will always cite quotes so that readers and the audience know that I am not claiming them as my own
  8. I will try to maintain positivity and highlight a book’s strong characteristics
  9. I will encourage readers to engage and interact with posts
  10. I will view and reference other book bloggers but not use them to boost my own image

#StayEthical #KeepReading