It’s Not Just about Reporting


Community Engagement

  1. In my opinion, community engagement is being an involved reporter in the community. It’s the idea of not only reporting but networking and building relationships with citizens to raise awareness about issues within the community but also give praise when it is due.
  2. It’s important for journalists to engage with the community that they are serving so that they build trust with the people around. Getting people to interview and talk about their stories is already a challenge, but if you prove to the people that you are someone they can trust and speak honestly about any topic then they will be more inclined to communicate and engage in your stories. I also think that it’s important so that you have general knowledge about what is going on around you. If you’re ever placed in an environment that is completely new to you, you have to get involved in order to educate yourself.
  3. The community outlet is all about community engagement. Our group wants to approach students who make up a large part of the community especially during the academic year. We talk to students who have different types of living situations, but we also want to encourage people to share their stories with us. Through our website, we allow people to comment on our stories and submit their own personal experiences to create more conversation on our topic. Another thing we do is listen to the concerns that people bring up and investigate it. For example, the topic of subleasing; it has been a big deal for a lot of people on campus and we listened to those concerns and decided to look into it further. We also want to do follow ups, so reaching out to the students who we’ve spoken to already and check up on them to see if they’ve had progress with the issues they have faced. And by having an outlet like this where we are engaging with the student community, we hope that it will inspire a call for change.
  4. Although I haven’t come in contact with a lot, I think of recent cases like the riots that occurred over the summer. I think that the reporters who covered the riots were forced to engage with the communities they were in because they went to the riots and participated while reporting. In one case, a reporter was arrested while broadcasting. Another case including two reporters getting arrested for their coverage of the North Dakota pipeline protests. The reason why I thought this case showed engagement was not only for the national attention it brought in but also because these reporters were also considered protestors. They saw the issue in the community and participated in the discussion with the members of the tribe that were there.

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